Mortgages – Self employed

Mortgages - Self employed

About self employed

It wasn’t long ago when lenders required minimal proof of income from the self employed. After the credit crunch, their criteria tightened considerably.

Kingsway Mortgages are still able to arrange competitive mortgages for a whole range of self employed people. That includes – people who own limited companies, sole traders, partnerships etc. Our service in this sector includes self-employed first-time buyers, home movers and remortgages.

Case Study

An applicant came to Kingsway seeking a mortgage of £450,000 on a £600,000 property. She had been employed for the past 3 years at a salary of £115,000, but had recently become self employed.

Most lenders require 2 to 3 years accounts, but we managed to persuade the lender that because she was working in the same industry in which she already had a track record of consistent income, she was a good risk.

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Best buy table

Self employed

Initial Rate APR Description Early Redemption Charge Lenders setting up costs
0.85% 3.2% Bank base rate plus 0.75% for 24 months no early repayment charges £999 product fee. Max 60% loan to value.
0.88% 3.8% Fixed until 30/11/2023 2% until 30/11/2022 & 1% until 30/11/2023 £1499 product fee. Max 60% loan to value.
0.98% 2.6% Fixed until 30/11/2026 Green Mtgs 4.5% until 30/11/2022, 4.25% until 30/11/2023, 4% until 30/11/2024, 2.5% until 30/11/2025 & 1% until 30/11/2026 £995 product fee. Max 60% loan to value.
0.99% 4.7% 2 Year Stepped Discount  2% first 2 years £699 initial fees. Max 65% loan to value.