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Mortgages - Remortgages

About remortgages

People remortgage for a whole range of different reasons, from reducing their monthly payments to hedging against future rate rises or because their existing deal is coming to an end.

Whatever the reason, there are thousands of deals available, from short and long term fixed rates to trackers, and each of them have a different set of fees and penalty clauses. The choice is bewildering. At Kingsway, our job is to understand your personal circumstances and, using our in-depth knowledge of the market, we can help get the best deals for you.

Case Study

One of our more mature clients needed to remortgage urgently as their current lender would not extend their mortgage term. They were under the impression that because of their ages and the limited time period available, it was an impossible task. Understandably, they were very concerned, but we managed to secure them a mortgage with a new lender with ample time to spare.

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Best buy table


Initial Rate APR Description Early Redemption Charge Lenders setting up costs
1.38% 4.8% Base rate plus 0.63% until 31/05/2021 3% until 31/05/2020 followed by 2% until 31/05/2021 £999 lenders fee. Free valuation & free legals. Max 75% loan to value.
1.44% 3.8% Fixed until 30/06/2021 1.2% until 30/06/2020 followed by 0.7% until 30/06/2021 £999 lenders fee. Free valuation & free legals. Max 60% loan to value.
1.81% 3.3% Fixed until 31/07/2024 5% until 31/07/2021 followed by 4% until 31/075/2022, 3% until 31/075/2023, 2% until 31/07/2024 and 1% until 31/07/2024 £1499 lenders fee. Free valuation & free legals. Max 60% loan to value
1.95% 2% Variable rate for the term of the mortgage None £999 lenders fee. Free valuation & free legals. Max 50% loan to value
2.69% 5.3% Discounted rate for 2 years 2% in year 1 followed by 1% in year 2 Free valuation & free legals. Max 95% loan to value.