Mortgages – New Purchases

Mortgages - New Purchases

About new purchases

Buying a new home is a big commitment and raises lots of financial questions, such as how much can I borrow? How much will it cost? And what type of mortgage is best for me?

Because the mortgage market changes on a daily basis, you need an expert like Kingsway to help you answer those questions. We have years of experience of helping homebuyers make the right choices.

Case Study

A couple approached Kingsway after finding their perfect property before they had sold their own. They were under pressure from the estate agents and thought all was lost. Kingsway managed to secure them a mortgage on the new property, without having to sell their own first by using their savings to fund a smaller deposit.

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Best buy table

New purchases

Initial Rate APR Description Early Redemption Charge Lenders setting up costs
0.74% 3.7% Bank base rate plus 0.49% until 30/06/2022 1% until 30/06/2021 followed by 0.5% until 30/06/2022 £995 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value.
1.17% 3.8% Fixed until 30/06/2022 2% until 30/06/2021 followed by 1% until 30/06/2022 £999 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value.
1.41% 3.7% Fixed until 31/05/2025 5% until 31/05/2022 followed by 4% until 31/05/2023, 3% until 31/05/2024 and 2% until 31/05/2025 £1995 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value.
1.85% 1.9% Variable rate for the term of the mortgage None £999 lenders fee. Max 50% loan to value.
2.69% 5.3% Discounted rate for 2 years 2% in year one followed by 1% in year two Max 95% loan to value.