Mortgages – First time buyers

Mortgages - First-time Buyers

About first time buyers

In recent years it has not been an easy market for first time buyers. At Kingsway, our in-depth market knowledge means we can help you find some of the best deals available.

With so much experience in the area, we can help guide you smoothly through the entire process.

Case Study

A young couple approached us requiring an 85% mortgage. Both of them worked, but one of them was on maternity leave and so they wanted lower payments in the first couple of years. With the help of Kingsway, the lender accepted that the mother would be returning to work and agreed to use her full salary, as well as extending the mortgage’s term to 35 years in order to lower the initial payments.

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Best buy table

First time buyers

Initial Rate APR Description Early Redemption Charge Lenders setting up costs
1.09% 3.3% Fixed until 31/07/2022 2% until 31/07/2022 £999 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value.
1.24% 3.3% Bank of England rate plus 1.14% for 24 months no early repayment charges £999 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value.
1.32% 3.3% Bank of England base rate plus 1.22% for 24 months no early repayment charges  £999 lenders fee. Max 75% loan to value.
1.36% 2.8% Fixed until 30/09/2025 5% until 30/09/2021 followed by 4% until 30/09/2022, 3% until 30/09/2023, 2% until 30/09/2024 & 1% until 30/09/2025 £1499 lenders fee. Max 60% loan to value
3.39% 4.6% Discounted rate for three years no early repayment charges Max 100% loan to value